6 Months In…

We have reached June 2016, it’s 10 days until my 29th birthday (welp!). So what have i achieved since January then?

Very little it seems:

– My room is still in chaos, I even had a mini hoarding intervention were 3 black bags full of paperwork and unopened mail were removed from my room. I feel a lot better for it but the tops of my draws is still a mess. Mainly because i have a whole load of necklaces on there that need a home. So if you have any ideas for necklace storage please let me know…

– I seemed to have accumulated more weight instead of losing it…the sight of my belly some days really does upset me but in saying that i heave been more vigilant and planning healthy meals thanks to the Fit Girls Guide. I started the 28 Day Jumpstart, got to week 2 but wasn’t prepared food shopping wise and fell off, I have since jumped back on the eating plan and just need to pick up again on the exercise. (Flaky)

– I had been going on daily walks but have fallen back into the trap of hitting snooze on the alarm clock instead of bolting out of bed when i hear it (Flaky, Flaky). I am going to move my phone so it is away from my bed and have my gym kit ready from the night before, the quicker i get back on the fitness and walking the better! I have however stuck to my weekly walks with my best friend from West End to Camden where we stop at Sainsbury’s to do our weekly shop. She is very good at keeping me on track and helping me to eat more fish too AND save money by shopping smarter. Thanks K 🙂

– I am still not the most organised but found it was partly down to not using a paper diary. I am a very visual person and have the memory of a very famous blue fish. So I need to have things written down in front of me so I am able to just tick them off one by one. I bought a couple diaries for 2016, the problem is I am not in love with them the way i was my Erin Condren planner so i found myself leaving them at home everyday and not using them at all. Up to now i cannot tell you where they are! I then re-discovered Bullet Journaling and decided to give that another go. So far its working out for me, especially because i can make each page exactly how i want it and I’m not constricted by any pre-designed boxes. I will do a separate Bullet Journal post when mine looks decent enough for pics. But again I am not in love with the notebook so while i hunt for the perfect one I am pushing on to keep on using it.

In hindsight I’ve made little progress, my room is clearer and especially so once I get all our washing done! I am planning more and staying on top of things using my BuJo and I am trying to eat healthily and exercise more…Little progress is better than no progress right?



Welcome 2016…

Hello my lovelies…Happy New Year!!!

It’s 3rd January 2016 and I have spent the evening reviewing the past year and planning for the next.

I have decided that 2016 is the year that I leave the days of depression behind me and become unapologetically happy. People are going to have to get used to hearing the word ‘no’ leaving my mouth more often as I am not staying in the habit of pleasing everyone else any more. If it doesn’t sit well with my spirit or I genuinely don’t want to do it for whatever reason I may have, I’m not going to…I am also going to get more organised (I know that same old tune! You’ve said it how many times now Marteen?!) not so much on the blog as I feel that that is one of the last things that will get sorted, my life is in need of serious organisation from and everyday routine for both myself and my daughter, to exercise and healthy eating plans that i will stick to, from hair regimens to styling my wardrobe and really dressing and looking how I want to, to tidying my room (the clutter is unreal) and the most important planning of all…Planning the continued success of Scratch&Pout.

To kickstart this planning frenzy I quickly jotted down my 2016 goals and the brain has started ticking as to how I am going to complete every single one. So for now I have paper all over my bed in various piles for the different aspects of life I am in the process of planning. I also need to be consistent with things, my personality is a bit flaky. I say I am going to do something or get an idea and a few weeks in I’ve abandoned it (Not Cool).

I am quite excited for the year ahead and if my mind is in a better place I’m sure I will be blogging more often too.

Wish me luck!!



Spotlight Sessions: Scratch&Pout

Scratch&Pout review :o)



One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to take better care of myself, so what a better way than to pamper myself and indulge in the world of nail lacquers!

Scratch&Pout is a new funky, indie brand which supplies some of the most unique and exclusive colours, which are cruelty free and vegan-friendly! Some of the brands that adorn the site are, Crazy Rumours, Floss Gloss, Glamour Doll Eyes, The Balm, Smokey Mountain Lacquers and Trust Fund Beauty.

Many of the brands are not known as well as your standard polishes, such as Barry M or Maybelline – and this is where the magic begins. These smaller brands have niche and unique products that are not widely available in the UK, meaning you will be setting the trend with your new purchase.

SOOOOOO…I, myself, decided to try a few of their nail lacquers and would like to give you a…

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What I’m In2…

Hello…long time no speak…

So today’s post is going to be a peak into my iTunes library and a quick look at my fave song of the moment, and old skool tune that i really miss.


So my song of the moment is from WSTRN, a trio from the West side of London made up of Akelle Charles, Haile and Louis Rei. I have had their debut single In2 on repeat since my cousin showed me about it a couple months back, pre-ordered it on iTunes as soon as it was available and now am the happy owner of this BANGER!! They have been so successful they have knocked Adele’s terrific comeback single Hello  off the number 1 spot! In2 can be purchased from iTunes for 99p here or stream it, just get playing so we can keep them at number 1!! I wish them every success! Their official video is below have a listen and enjoy.

The song I really miss at the moment and wish music could somewhat go back to is Fat Joe ft Ashanti – Whats Love? I LOVED THIS SONG!!! and secretly fancied Fat Joe too haha…

What songs do you miss? Are you feeling our West London Boys? Let me know!!

Jhene Aiko (My fave girl) Lyin King

I jumped on YouTube last night to have a go at practicing my eyeshadow technique and saw my fave girl Jhene Aiko had uploaded a video for Lyin King. This is one of my favourite songs as I feel every word deep within my soul, so much so that some days I could cry at the words…It’s just that real, but despite the sadness I feel sometimes when listening to it I still LOVE it.

Have a look below and let me know what you think of the video


Hey Hey Hey!!!

I have been saying for the past few months “I must blog, I must blog, I must blog”. Even had convos with my little sister Casey who is on a roll with her blog, (which can be found here) about how you have to plan your posts etc. But yet here I am without a blog post in how many months? 7!!!! I’m outraged!

Anyway, I had a little thought and said to myself that not all posts need to be text heavy, sometimes just a pic here and there…

Today’s post is about my pedi. I got my nails done yesterday by my lovely nail tech in a smokey purple colour, matte too, perfect for the vampy season we have now entered. So it’s only right my pedicure matches right. Whilst going through my nail polishes and sorting into my nice new wooden boxes I came across shades I haven’t used in forever and some NOT ONCE!!! I ran downstairs and coated my toes in last years fave shade Luxedo by Essie.

Tuxedo by Essie
Luxedo by Essie

The brush is the perfect width to do three strokes for even coverage and completely opaque in two coats. Luxedo is described as a deep plum purple nail polish, it is the darkest purple I have ever seen, people often ask me why i am wearing black polish (like black is a bad colour to wear *side eye*). This was touch dry within 5 minutes. I love it and think its such a shame that it’s so cold and i don’t have the nicest toes for me to show them off but i will bless you with a pic anyway lol.

My Toes

A Week on Insta…


Ah it finally worked!! A quick weekly recap of my fave Insta pics from last week, or maybe the week before it’s taken me so long to upload them.

1. My shameless toilet selfie – taken with my “Oh the lies you tell” not impressed face, I liked my make up that day…been practicing…

2. Nike Air Max Day!

3. Floss Gloss got me super excited with the release of Second Base, its such a pretty pink glitter that can be used alone or as a top coat. My order will be going through shortly so look out for it soon at Scratch&Pout!!

4. My Little brother and sister Raphael and Sophia came to stay at mine for the night. They make me so happy, they are such little nutters. Not feeling the 6am wake up call though…


6. My Essentials for the day…

7. The question i posted with the pic was – If I had this face 24/7 would you still love me?? Well would you?